Parent Heart Watch's 13th Annual National Heart To Heart

Parent Heart Watch's 13th Annual National Heart To Heart

Parent Heart Watch and our coalition of prevention champions are the only national voice solely dedicated to protecting youth from sudden cardiac arrest and preventable sudden cardiac death. We gather each year to learn from experts about the latest research and developments in prevention strategies; discuss best practices in prevention and champion life-saving outreach and advocacy campaigns.

For more than a decade, Parent Heart Watch has hosted an annual event where parents whose child was lost or affected by SCA and allied prevention advocates could assemble to heal, share and be empowered to take action. Perhaps the most critical of all of PHW's programs, Heart to Heart is the centerpiece of our outreach. This annual coalition has been the genesis for groundbreaking research studies to fill the critical void of data on youth lost to SCA, as well as important collaborations that advance prevention in education, sports and medical communities. Heart to Heart showcases comprehensive education and compelling best practice models that help our members to model SCA prevention in their community and state. This year’s sessions focus on early detection cardiac screenings, placing AEDs, and Cardiac Emergency Response plans, plus partnerships with allied health professionals, a national SCA database and a new call-to-action: Take the Prevention Promise.

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Starts: 12th January 2018 9:00 AM
Ends: 14th January 2018 5:00 PM

Price: Free

Type: Conference